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Одесская Хатынь: Просьба распространять по всем англоязычным сетям, пабликам, френдам и знакомым!

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Просьба распространять по всем англоязычным сетям,
пабликам, френдам и знакомым!

Просьба распространять по всем англоязычным сетям,
пабликам и френдам и знакомым!
При желании редактируйте, подправляйте -
главное максимально распространяйте!

In the 21st century majority of the civilized people in the world accepted the ideas of democracy, tolerance and mercy. They believe that the horrors of the dark ages can not happen again in the center of Europe. But they are wrong! On 2nd of May in Odessa armed Right Sector Nazi gangs financed by the Ukrainian oligarchs organized MASS MURDER BY BURNING.

People, who disagreed with the new regime, were trapped in an administrative building in the center of Odessa, blocked there, after which the butchers broke into the building and started killing unarmed people including young girls, elderly people, pregnant women and even children. Many were soaked with fuel and set on fire alive. Some were beaten to death with bats, strangled with bare hands and hacked into pieces with machetes. Some women had been cruelly raped before they were killed.

Cries of a pregnant woman, who was killed by the Nazis could be heard on the ground floor. She was begging for help and asking to save the life of her unborn child. But she was strangled.

After that the Nazis set the building on fire and die not let the rescue teams, doctors and the firemen to save any people. To make sure no survivors can leave the building, they shot their guns at them. Those, who jumped out of the windows out of despair, were either shot or beaten up to death with bats on the ground.

This horrific crime was financed by a Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who owns a national level bank and several mass media brands. He is a traitor of the Jewish people, who is helping Ukrainian Nazis, and who does not either recognize the fact of new Holocaust or understand its circumstances. Being aware that the fascists and absolutely the same type of Ukrainian nationalists were burning people in villages and in death camp furnaces, he did not only provided funds to buy their equipment and to pay a reward to the neo-fascist thugs, but also publicly approved this slaughter in fire, which was cynically called “a holiday barbeque” by the Junta supporters.

According to the official information forty Ukrainian citizens are the victims of this manslaughter, they were ordinary residents of Odessa, who did not agree with the actions of the fascist Junta. Most of the found bodies have gunshot injuries. No weapons were found on the victims. Some of the bodies were burnt after they had died.

Just the information, which has already become available to the public is a crime against humanity. Pictures of the people slaughtered in fire can deeply shock any human. However according to the testimonies of the few survivors, who managed to climb up to the building roof, most of the bodies, which had signs of rape and strangling were hidden in the cellars, where the journalists were not allowed to enter.

Kiev Junta is trying to cover up the tracks. The survivors, who were not killed by the Nazis, were arrested by the officials. The next days the residents of Odessa made the police release them and now the testimonies of this horrible crime are emerging striking our minds. However the authorities from Kiev continue the prosecution of the survivors and want to arrest them again. The nationalist scoundrels are searching for them and simply killing these people. One of the slaughter survivors has already been killed today. The Nazis are afraid of their testimonies!

European and American mass media try to silence down the fact of this horrible fire Holocaust. The truth is that the Junta, which illegally hijacked the government in Kiev with the assistance of the US and EU is only supported by a fraction of the Ukrainian population, who are inspired by nationalistic slogans.

Since this information simply can not be circulated through the media, we have to try to talk to the people directly. We can not allow purposeful killing of citizens by the armed fascist minority!

Please distribute this information! This is the only way to stop spread of fascism further into Europe! This is the only way to stop terrorism and deaths!

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