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Акция - 2

Оригинал взят у webcelerator в Акция - 2
Оригинал взят у ur_2222 в Акция - 2

По всем ресурсам, плз.
Это самый весомый залп, который ты можешь сделать сегодня и сам...

Оригинал взят у sokolov9686 в Truth about murder of the people in Odessa 2 may 2014 for one, speaks in english

ODESSA 5/02: The Untold Truth of Kulikovo Field [Part 1 ] HD 720p

The first part of Odessa 5/02 documentary film, compiled of the extensive amount of video footage done on that day by various witnesses and investigated throughout an independent view point. Soon we'll post the second part that will include further footage, few interviews of survived witnesses as well as the Right sector searches inside of the building later that night. Thank you all, friends, for a positive feedback! We encourage you to rip this video using and re-upload it to your channel in order to spread this material and protect it from being deleted by Youtube.

The Continuation follows...

Tags: murder of the people, odessa
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